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GameShell OS image files (v0.4 latest)

**v0.4 latest release note:**

  1. Updated Linux Kernel to 5.2.RC4

  2. Activated midi device support in Kernel by default (Tested with AKAI MPK mini, using USB OTG cable), preinstalled samplerbox in /opt

  3. Updated Launcher to v1.25

  4. Optimized menu icons and orders

  5. Launcher now support theme selection, added OP1 dark theme provided by @stingray

  6. Added more Indie Games, including Planet-Busters (Q1 Game Jam), No. 909 (Q1 Game Jam), 2048, Hurricane.

  7. We will bring you more exciting Indie Games through future Launcher updates.

  8. Added more preset emulators and our communit