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An Open Source Portable Terminal for Every Dev.

DevTerm is Lifestyle

DevTerm is a post-modern, digital minimalist lifestyle.

The A5 notebook size integrates complete PC functions with a retro-futurism design, a 6.8-inch ultra-wide screen, classic QWERTY keyboard, necessary interfaces, high-speed wireless, long battery life, and even includes a practical thermal printer.

No matter where you are, DevTerm brings you a focused and immersive experience, provides you with an “anywhere door” escape for distraction-free typing and deep thinking.


DevTerm is Fun

DevTerm is a retro-entertainment terminal.

Powerful hardware allows you to smoothly relive the history of various famous video games, software, and even vintage systems. DevTerm provides you with the latest open-source OS, rich applications, and development tools, from Web browsers, multimedia APPs to many indie-game engines.

One more thing, just like LEGO, Gundam, Tamiya, the unique unboxing experience will be as exciting as many assembled toys.


DevTerm is Creation

DevTerm follows the "Hacker-friendly" concept and modular design for your creativity.

The open-source development kit (including structure, software, hardware, and documentation) combines high performance, portability, and scalability features, making DevTerm an ideal rapid prototyping solution for your "smart" DIY projects in your garage or laboratory, factory, or Art place. DevTerm is more than a device of passive media consumption, it's designed for your active content creation and passion for innovation.

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