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  • I'm a consumer, how can I contact Clockwork team?"
    Using FAQ system is the most efficient way to solve the problems. If the problem remains, Please email to:
  • I want to do business or corporate with Clockwork Tech LLC, how do I contact the team?"
    Please email to:
  • I'm media, how do I contact the team?"
    Please email to:
  • Where can I buy GameShell?
    Official website: Click Here Amazon USA: Click Here Amazon Japan: Click Here Taobao: Click Here
  • Where can I learn more about GameShell’s technical specifications?
    Please go to to view the configuration table for details.
  • Does GameShell include shoulder buttons (L/R buttons)?
    The GameShell kit includes a Lightkey module, with positions for two L buttons and two R buttons.
  • Where can I download free GameShell STL files for 3D printing?
    Please use the discount code "STL" to download these files from
  • Where can I buy a GameShell plastic case?
    Please visit the official website to buy accessories.
  • What if parts are missing?
    Please send an email to with the subject "Missing Parts". The email should include the order number, the name(s) of the missing part(s) (as indicated in the accessory list of the product manual), and your delivery information (if it has changed). Upon confirmation, we will deliver new parts to you as soon as possible.
  • What if parts are damaged?
    Please take a photo of the damaged part(s) and send an email with the subject "Damaged Part(s)" to The email should include the name(s) of the damaged part(s) (as indicated in the accessory list of the product manual), photos of the damaged parts, your order number, and your delivery information (if it has changed). Upon confirmation, we will deliver new parts to you as soon as possible.
  • What should I do if the GameShell buttons are not responsive enough?
    First, be sure to trim any excess plastic on the edge of the button cap, and ensure that the area around the button cap is smooth. Check that the button cap is secured in place and press the cap firmly. Reconnect the cables between the keypad and the mainboard and be sure to setup them correctly. If the problem persists, please contact technical support:
  • When I try to charge my GameShell, the battery does not charge and the indicator light remains off. What should I do?"
    If GameShell is shut down during charging, the yellow LED will turn off, but the device will continue to charge. If you still cannot charge you device, follow the instructions in the manual to reconnect the cables between the battery and mainboard and try again. If the problem persists, please contact technical support:
  • How can I buy a new battery?
    The battery we provide in the GameShell kit is a 3.7V 1200mAh 4.44Wh BL-5C Li-on battery. We have all the certifications for it, but we are not selling it separately because: Only DHL has the service to deliver rechargeable Li-on battery overseas. And the package will have to be sent to the USA for dispatching. There are still risks of being refused by the customs of destination country/region. Therefore we suggest you to use the original battery. If you want to buy a replacement, please make sure to buy the new battery with the same parameters and all certifications from certificated dealers.
  • How long is the warranty period of ClockworkPI products?
    Every ClockworkPi product have a 6-month warranty product. Warranty period counting starts on the day of consumer receives the package. So please keep the receipt that contains the delivery date or any other prove. If you don't have any prove, we will count the warranty period as our shipping date +7 (normal shipping period).
  • What is the warranty about?
    In 6-months, you can have any broken component replaced. You'd just need to send back the broken component to us by any way you'd like. Shipping fee of sending back to us is at your own expense. Meanwhile, shipping fee of we sending you the replacement is on us.
  • Do you offer global delivery service?
    Yes, we do. Users in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, however, need to purchase in the name of local companies or make use a global transshipment service for individuals.
  • Which logistics companies do you work with?
    For global shipments from Hong Kong: DHL or FEDEX. For US shipments: Amazon USA's UPS service. For shipments in Mainland China: SF Express; in remote areas: EMS.
  • How long will I have to wait to receive my order?
    Shipments normally arrive within 10-15 days. USA: Normally in about 5 days. Japan: Normally within 5 days if you purchase through Amazon Japan. Mainland China: Normally in about 5 days.
  • How can I track my shipment?
    After placing an order, you will immediately receive a confirmation email including all your order information. Once shipment has started, you will receive another email with the tracking number. With this tracking number, you can track your shipment through the logistics service provider.
  • How can I change my delivery information?
    Before receiving our email with the tracking number, send an email with the subject "Change shipment information" to as quickly as possible. The email should include your name, order number, and new shipment information. If you have already received the email with the tracking number, please contact the delivery service provider to update your delivery information. The name of the service provider is provided in the email.
  • Do I have to pay any taxes when I purchase GameShell?
    Tax policies vary from country to country. In some cases, customs or government departments may collect taxes. The specific amount depends on the tax rate in the place of receipt. Note: Users in Greece and Brazil may be required to pay especially high taxes.
  • What if I am unable to successfully sign for the delivery?
    Please contact your local logistics service provider by using your tracking number. The name of the logistics service provider has been sent to you in the tracking number email.
  • What tools do I need to assemble the GameShell kit?
    We recommend using model pliers with a utility knife. You do not have to use welding equipment, glue, screwdrivers, or other tools.
  • Is it difficult to assemble GameShell?
    GameShell was designed to be assembled by anyone over 11 years old. We recommend users from 11 to 15 assemble the device under adult supervision. The assembly process does not require any special expertise, such as software engineering or electronics knowledge.
  • What can I do if I lost my assembly guide?
    You can Click Here to download the PDF file of assembly guide.
  • After assembly, how do I power GameShell on and off?"
    Power on: Press and hold the “ON/OFF” button on top of the handheld console until the screen lights up and the device turns on. Power Off: Select the “Power Off” icon on the main interface to turn off the device. Except in special circumstances, do not use the “ON/OFF” button to turn off the device.
  • What should I do if I cannot Power on the GameShell after assembly?
    Check that the MicroSD card has the correct Clockwork OS. Check that the MicroSD card has been inserted into the mainboard. Reconnect all modules and follow the manual to confirm that the cables have been connected correctly. Try to charge the GameShell. If you still cannot power the device on, please search the forum for solutions, or send an email to technical support:
  • Can I connect the GameShell to WiFi?
    GameShell supports WiFi. You can configure the relevant settings by going to “Settings” -> “WiFi” on the main interface.
  • What should I do if I cannot connect my GameShell to WiFi?
    Make sure that the WiFi SSID and password are correct and that the signal is strong enough. Adjust the router channel and try to connect again. GameShell only supports the 2.4GHz WiFi frequency band, no 5GHz.
  • How can I update the main interface (launcher) of my GameShell?
    Go to the main interface and select “Settings” -> “Update”. You need to connect to the Internet via WiFi during the update.
  • Can I use my own MicroSD card?
    Yes. We recommend that you use a high-speed MicroSD card with more than 8GB. Make sure that your MicroSD card has Clockwork OS. We have successfully tested the performance of high-speed 128GB MicroSD cards.
  • What is the correct way to charge my GameShell?
    Use a MicroUSB cable to connect your GameShell to a 5V 1A DC power supply. 5V 1A power is commonly used by smartphone chargers and the USB ports of computers. We do not recommend using chargers with a fast charge function. To avoid electrical hazards, do not use incompatible or inferior chargers.
  • It is normal for GameShell to heat up while charging?
    Yes, this is normal. Note: If the device continues to heat up but does not charge, or if the battery is damaged or swollen, disconnect from the power supply immediately and contact us for
  • Why isn’t the yellow LED light on the back on when the GameShell is being charged?
    If GameShell is shut down during charging, the yellow LED will turn off, but the device will continue to charge.
  • What games can I play on the GameShell?
    GameShell comes with Cave Story, Free Doom, and many other classic indie and open-source games. GameShell supports RetroArch. GameShell supports PICO-8, TIC-80, and other game engines.
  • How do I recover/upgrade the Micro SD system (Clockwork OS)?
    Download the latest Clockwork OS system image file and decompress it. Install image burning software such as balenaEtcher. Use the image burning software to burn the Clockwork OS image to the microSD card. The most recent system version is Clockwork OS v0.4. You can download it from:
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