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Clockwork OS v0.5 is ON!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Hi GameShellers,

We are more than happy to announce that the Clockwork OS v0.5 is ready to go!

We are sincerely grateful for the support from the community. The creativity and concentration inspired us a lot. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Download: ==> Mirror #1 ==> Torrent md5sum: 27f85542d0278f898bfca060c264dc6f

v0.5 latest release note:

  1. Linux kernel is upgraded to v5.3.6;

  2. A much more stable open-source GPU driver (combined latest lima and mesa) is now available; RetroArch is upgraded to v1.8.1;

  3. Clockwork Warehouse is open (more details please check About Clockwork Warehouse part below);

  4. Auto expand filesystem is available.

  5. Known bugs fixed.

  6. Heating may be lower, and the battery may last longer due to the upgrade of GPU driver.

  7. Fixed bugs found in this thread.

KNOWN ISSUES: LOVE2D may be unstable under GPU mode.

About Clockwork Warehouse

For Clockwork OS v0.5:

Through Warehouse, you can easily browse and download indie games. Thanks to the participants of former Game Jams.

We truly appreciate the spirit of gaming. We welcome all the game makers to share your works with us. Please send your works to . We also have rewards for your great works.

Works of future GameShell Game Jams may be selected for the Warehouse.

Also, you can even build your own Warehouse to share your collection with the community. Instruction will be released soon on the forum.

About Auto Expand Filesystem

It is a convenient function that allows the users to change microSD card to bigger ones.

It will automatically expand the filesystem to match the real size of your microSD.

You just need to flash the Clockwork OS v0.5 into the microSD, then put it into your GameShell, and turn it on.

How to upgrade (Patch WIP, backup before use)

If you are currently using Clockwork OS v0.4, you can use a patch to upgrade to v0.5. This way of upgrade will not erase your files and records.

  1. Download: md5sum: b81fe1644303644cd2afde95c227734c

  2. Type “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade”

  3. Copy patch file to GameShell

  4. Run “” on GameShell

If you are using other version of Clockwork OS, you can upgrade to v0.5 by flashing. This way of upgrade will erase your files and records. Please make a copy before start.

  1. Download: md5sum: 94b6b03e84488092553a8a09579b33f8

  2. Go to “ >Getting Started>How do I recover/upgrade the MicroSD system (Clockwork OS)?” to see how to flash.

Enjoy your new awesome Clockwork OS! We also want to hear your voice about it.

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