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Editable Icons Project - Fixing and expanding the default theme’s icons

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

This article is from HERE

Goal: Create a consistent, editable icon pack for system tools, consoles, games and folders.

Work in progress: I started collecting the icons around the forum and put it into 1 file. Next to that I begin fixing and creating icons (including a customisable emoji with different eye and mouth components)

How to get it:

sign up for a free Figma accountclick on the icon you wantcreate an export on the right hand side (.png) connect to your GameShell via Filezilla get into your skin and replace the existing .png-s or add to the right place where your folder lives (important to name it identical as your folder, but the numbers before are not needed): /home/cpi/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell (i will make a nicer tutorial of this when I have some time)

How to edit it: After you created a Figma account (free), you can copy paste items from the document above or make an entire copy out of it. Right now only a few of them are vectorised and editable. Most of the items are still .png-s I found around the forum.

How to contribute: Submit your icons to this thread in an editable vector format (.svg, .ai, .sketch) or a figma link. If you want to help me in a more systematic work (components and guidelines) ping me in a DM on twitter .

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