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Creating MAD PHYSICIST: Interview BOOOM! Participant MAD PHYSICIST

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

By Schizo-Ganah

This artical is from Gcores.com


Mad Physicist Team

  • RATTAR - Program

  • GANAH - Produce/Plan/Level Design

  • PlayGround - Program/Sound Effect

  • Roku - Plan/Level Design/Music

  • TimeChaser - Plan/Level Design

  • Hustree - Visual Art

  • M! - Visual Art

The Beginning

RATTAR: The beginning of the whole thing was that I saw Gcores' event on Weibo (A Twitter-ish Chinese SNS), then I retwitted it to GANAH said "really want to join". We decided to participate immediately, formed the original PEANUX. GANAH went to grab more hands to prepare the game making.

TimeChaser: It's not proud to say that this was my first time to join a game dev project, also the first time to participate Game Jam. It was late when I saw the promotion of BOOOM!. I was uneasy during the time of finding team mates. I was in the lack of experience and also had no specialties. I decided to go solo if I couldn't find any one to tag along. Luckily, PEANUX that I contacted firstly accepted me with no hesitation! I was in charge of some levels' design during dev. Weirdly, they did not ask me to program. Happy to be the lazy one.

RATTAR: 7 guys grouped unconsciously. 2 planners, 3 programmers and 2 visual artists, I was so happy that I thought I could loaf on the job. But then, I don't know why, TC transfered from programmer to planner and PlayGround had a day time job. So the loafing part did not happen. I didn't even have the time to play Monster Hunter: World.

Roku: I've been working in a game company as intern planner recently. But I think this is the first time for me to actually be a part of game dev.

M!: This experience was a half way marathon. It was late when I saw the promotion of BOOOM!, but it got me right away. The team up time past while I was in between of "oh I really wan to make games" and "no team no time no expericence... so maybe not this time".

Then I saw the theme. It triggered my desire. I found the orgnizer recrew section through the event announcement section and picked a random team with pics and text info. I thought if no one wants me then I'm going to Beijing to be audience. With one whole week of suffering from both daily work and the idea of "no one is gonnna take me", just before giving up, PEANUX responded.... That, my man, was fate.


TimeChaser: Brain storm meetings in the first a few days were wonderful memories, every one placed a lot of magnificent thoughts.

RATTAR: Our brain strom time was extremly stormy. We spent days in a row to argue about ideas. 3 ideas and thoughts a day in average. We can look at one here simplely: the player will be alowed to draw lines, then switch him/herself to black or white. Lines be come a circle can alow the whoe region to switch color. That was the idea. The goal was switched from "to turn all the screen to black" to "to turn certain percentage of the screen to black" to "make the Yin Yang balanced" and even some crazy modified versions jumped out. In short, the "lines to frames" idea just bacame the image below, every body figured out that the game had became a happy and pure painting program.

Roku: From idea placing to oral fight to project down sizing to oral fight again then to final vote, the progress went on for one whole damn week. At last, game "style shoot to blast" won. It was our original idea.

GANAH: Finally, we voted for a "shoot to blast" game that used physics relics as the core. Players can control different physics relics and to switch them to 2 different modes. For example, temperature relic can be switched to cold or hot. Switching relics and the mode of relics fits the theme of SHIFT. Then, because of the limit of D.E.O.T.'s buttons, players can't move and aim at the same time, so we changed the game style to Celda-ish "chop to blast". Based on physics relics, I wrote the game story through night.


Roku: After telling the team their parts, we officially started the dev progress. We designed skills and battle. According to the limits of time and hard/soft ware, comlicated designs were all off the table, just kept the original freatures that GANAH designed.

Afrer decided the game is about strategy not combat, we used the swtichting of relics to be the core of level design. We chose 3 relics to do prototype level design, and tried to expand the relics' effect through prototype level. We also ajusted relics' acctual functions according the needs of level design.

To enrich levels, we added elite enemies. In the ingenious RATTAR's hands, they once became the core of whole game. I just want to say that a mature design is from iteration in practice, instantaneous ideas would only effectt the cost of trial and error to some extent. Many awesome ideas would jump out during practice, you'd have to catch them.

Then we finished 3 normal levels and 1 final boss level successfully, and we love our boss level very much.

At boss level, the Truth that the player carries is not the more the better any more. Player can lose some Truth by hurting boss's phased HP. Truth is toxic, dude! Some times, conviction of truth can lead you away from truth itself. There are lot of stereotypes in the world, shift every once a while would keep you sharp.