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Amiga UAE Emulator

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

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Anybody else working on getting an Amiga emulator up and running on Gameshell ?

There is libretro-uae 18, compiles with one little tweak and runs. I don’t know whether uae4arm-libretro 9, libretro-fsuae 4 or even uae4arm-rpi 3 would be the better choices. However the latter three will need some more work to make them compile.

Meanwhile libretro-uae works, probably needs some improvements and configuration work. I can play games, however it feels like it is just a little bit too slow and sometimes there is a lag with joypad inputs. I am still with retroarch 1.70 and may also have a look at Retroarch Megathread 9 first.

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