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A short interview with Indie Imprint Dev Team

Team Name: Indie Imprint Dev Team

Game Name: GYATM

Development Story:

As you know, we currently have our ‘main’ game for GYATM in progress on itch: https://indieimprint.itch.io/gyatm 5

Our lead dev bought a GameShell via kickstarter, and absolutely loved the promise of the device - a Pi in a really fun housing with a great form factor. When the game jam rolled around we thought it would be a great opportunity to port an idea we were already developing over.

The original premise of the game was a sci-fi resource harvesting and management game set on Mars, with lots of little pop-culture sci-fi nods and jokes. Dilithium, Beryllium Cubes, a Boson Cloud to catch a high-speed ship, etc. The big game has quite a few more, though we’re in full Starship Troopers mode while we prepare for the Alpha launch. Our twitter is here: https://twitter.com/IndieImprint 1 Our site is here: https://www.indieimprint.com/ 1

Team Member:

Our Indie Imprint dev team looks like this:

J. Alter - Editor, writer, lead dev Phaser/Canvas, published sci-fi author. M. Bybee - Lead dev Unreal/Unity, photographer S. Pettersen - Testing/QA, technologist

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