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BOOOM! Participant: Shoot The F

By 辛望

While we are in the progress of understanding the theme SHIFT, we thought about "SHIT"...... then it led to day after day taking shit in your life...... So we got this, a dung beetle shooting game. We all felt it would be fun, and would not be too much work to do, so we made another game. Then we got our team name from it, the D.B.M.

Shit happens everyday. When you are being bothered by the sorrows and problems of today, may be you haven't realized that you are in a circle of taking shit day after day. There's no easy thing for adults.

The player as a dady dung beetle is carrying his whole family on his shoulders. He has to go on a laborious journey for food.

You'll have to shoot off the F in SHIFT. The whole family will starve without shit.

One of our members, Pong Damen, said something very touching when we were chatting, "I'm grateful fot this opportunity, I can use those useless knowledges that I stored daily." He was in charge of our audio, 90 pieces of text, parts of visual art and project management.

Team members:

  • Hua Shu (visual art)

  • Long Mao (dev)

  • Pong Damen (audio/plan/visual art)

  • Xiao Qi (visual art)

  • Xin Wang (plan/visual art)

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