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This adapter board allows you to use the RaspberryPi CM4 computing module with the DevTerm and the ClockworkPI v3.14 mainboard.


For the CM4 details, please see this link:


Please note:

  • You will need to purchase your own CM4 module. Please make sure you have the proper module on hand when you purchase this adapter board.
  • For all CM4 versions, without CM4 on-board WIFI module will NOT be able to use the WIFI function.
  • For all CM4 EMMC versions, will NOT be able to use the clockworkPi mainboard v3.14 SD card function.
  • The CM4 Lite and the CM4 with 8GB EMMC or higher are recommended.

What’s in the Box:

  • Adapter for RaspberryPi CM4 computing module to ClockworkPI v3.14 mainboard.
  • WIFI gain antenna for CM4 computing module.
  • Ultra-thin heat sink set.
  • The DevTerm Kit without any core modules (Optional)


Shipping information

  • Express service
  • Based on the current supply chain and logistics situation, the estimated delivery time is approximately 60 business days.


    RPI CM4 Adapter for DevTerm & CPI v3.14

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