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ClockworkPi v3.14 integrates up to 12 interfaces in the ultra-small size of 95x77mm, ensuring sufficient connectivity for your work and entertainment. Following an easy-to-upgrade modular design of CPU and memory,  clockworkPi v3.14 allows you to freely choose a suitable "Core" for various application scenarios.

clockworkPi v3.14 is compatible with the Raspberry Pi CM3 series, which means that your work on the Raspberry Pi can be "teleported" to a portable terminal in seconds.


Tech Specs

  • CPI v3.14 uses a compact design, the size is reduced to 95x77mm.

  • PMU chip which supports reliable and complete lithium battery charge and discharge management

  • Integrated 5G-WIFI (802.11ac) + Bluetooth 5.0

  • High-gain antenna

  • Standard USB-A 2.0 interface x 3 and, an internal contact interface for the Keyboard module

  • USB-C* charging port

  • TF card (Micro SD card) slot**

  • 40 Pins MIPI screen interface

  • Micro-HDMI interface

  • 3.5 headphone jack, supports microphone input

  • Onboard stereo audio power amplifier chip

  • 40 Pins GPIOs expansion interface (using standard 0.5mm FPC connector)

  • 52 Pins extension module interface (using standard Mini PCI-E connector) for the “EXT. module”

  • Standard DDR2-SODIMM 200 Pins interface: connects CPI v3.14 to the "Core module"




Shipping information

  • Express service
  • Based on the current supply chain and logistics situation, the estimated delivery time is approximately 60 business days.


 * Depends on the "Core Module" features.

** The tested maximum capacity is 256GB.

ClockworkPi v3.14

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