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Game Jam Collection 2019Q1: 2nd _ The "Planet Busters" By Mad Ned

Go on a pan-galactic planet killing spree with Buster, the reluctant planetary assassin and his skeevy boss, Veedo.  Retro fun for the whole family! Or at least for you.  This game demo was designed to run on the Clockwork Pi GameShell as part of the Clockwork Pi Game Jam, but we had so much 'fun' debugging it, that we also included the Windows version to try!

A few survival tips for rookie Busters:

  • Avoiding critters can be useful. Dig around them if need be instead of fighting.

  • Sometimes you need to find another exit path.

  • You can dig up also!Busters gun has a longer range than critter attacks, keep 'em at a distance!

  • Fighting topside has more manuevering room than in the planet.

  • Sometimes the bomb gets in the way of fighting - clearing a path first can help.

  • Solid rock cant be dug through, you need to search for a soft spot.

  • Rapid fire is your friend!

To download Planet Buster, please click here.

Comments from the Clockwork Tech crew:

You would not believe that such a creepy game could also be so catchy.

I kept playing it for at least 3 hours. I can't remember the exact time 'cause I honestly could feel it.

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