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Expansion wire color code

Community member Michael_The_Maker asked a question on the forum: Does anyone know what the color coding on the keypad expansion wires are?

Well, we believe that was a common question that some of makers would be facing.

Fortunately, we've got some awesome folks in the community.

p3dt has offered us an instruction of the GPIO

The GPIO Table is as follows: Type Pin# (ext.) Pin # (Package) Function 1 Function 2 Pin #(sysfs) Color

3V0 1 blue

GPIO 2 PB0 UART0/2_TX PBEINT0 32 green

GPIO 3 PB1 UART0/2_RX PB-EINT1 33 yellow

GND 4 white

GPIO 5 PH5 I2C1-SDA 229 red

GPIO 6 PH4 I2C1-SCL 228 brown

GND 7 black

GPIO 8 PH6 UART3-TX SPI0-CS 230 blue

GPIO 9 PH7 UART3-RX SPI0-CLK 231 green

GPIO 10 PH9 UART3-CTS SPI0-MISO 233 yellow

GPIO 11 PH8 UART3-RTS SPI0-MOSI 232 white

GND 12 red

5V0 13 brown

5V0 14 black

Thanks again, p3dt

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