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BOOOM! Participant: The Code

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

By 辛望

Our planer is a senior marketing staff who is good at promoting but knows few about game interactivity, rules or level design.

We had thought about the concept even before the theme was released, such as "limitations of info reading", "defense of a crashing belief", "conflict of sides and drawing the consensus", "creativity of a swarm society", "things that big data can't do".

So when we heard the theme "SHIFT", what we felt the deepest was, if we can change the development of sciense and technology by controlling consensus.

Then we talked with friends with the theme of "a fake man that looks like a real man VS a real man that looks like a fake man". Then I felt that this theme can be combined with "limitations of info reading" to become a complete game, so we got the story of The Code:

In the time of mechanical prosthesis is a fever, a mystery scientist (the player) is trying to interpose the consensus about the mechanical fever by compiling new scientific theories and refuting new theories, to make people fear the progress of getting mechanical.

This is the wireframe

Player needs to listen to and write down the Morse Code for the media contact, to post the negative information about scientists, the authoriative media and science meethings onto industry forums, to disturb the progress of science tree.

Every code has different content according to different difficulties. If the player can read the code perfectly, the society will respond well, otherwise the speech will be a joke.

The Code has two endings, can be twisted.

You can find out yourself.

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