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Teenage Engeering UI

This article is from HERE

Hey, In another post I’ve started with some Icons. here

So this time I want to redesign some Interface parts of the Gameshell with the look of an OP-1 from teenage engeneering. From time to time I will update these Designs. (I got my GS last week, so I try figure out how to change the background ect.)

Hope you like it


Download a client like FileZilla connect your GS with following Account:

192.168. (ending is different) just look into the tinycloud app… User: cpi PW:cpi Port:22

Then download my dropbox files and copy and paste the appicons into

home/launcher/skin/default/Menu/Gameshell <---- Homescreen Icons

home/launcher/skin/default/Menu/Gameshell/20_Retro Games <---- Emulator Icons

Then Go back to and copy and paste all the UI Elements to these folders




And for the bg colors and loading screens go to

home/launcher/ <---- place the here

home/launcher/ <---- place the loading, gameover ect. here

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