About CPI Points

Our CPI points is based on Ethereum. Every 200 CPI points can exchange one GameShell kit now (not redeemable for cash), you can also trade, invest or gift using our CPI points. 

Contract address: 0xBBF83619544ef7e516020B8971a27cb09700be26

For more details please go to:

How to Get CPI Points

You'll need Ethereum account to start holding & using CPI points.

Please go to https://metamask.io/ to set up your Ethereum account.

*Please act under the laws of digital currencies in your country/region

You can earn CPI points by these ways:

  • We will give away CPI points irregularly to active community members (for example, popular topic creators).

  • The Game Jam winners will be rewarded with CPI points.

  • Winners of our up-coming soliciting of articles (such as game review, turorial, etc.) will be rewarded with CPI points.

  • There're also chances for registered members of our officia website to get CPI points in our EDMs during sales events.

If you want to buy CPI points, please contact us by sending email to: cpipts@clockworkpi.com

*CPI points are not redeemable for cash

To Use CPI Points 

Please fulfill following form to use your CPI points
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