Agreement of Solicting 

By Clockwork Tech LLC
A. For digital works
  • The digital works which is uploaded must match the platform of choice. 

  • Please ONLY upload original works. Plagiarism and any other forms of CHEATING are grounds for disqualification. The uploader is responsible for all lawful results.

  • No 18+ content: This includes strong sexual themes and content, graphic nudity, or extreme portrayals of violence. If you're unsure, please follow ESRB guidelines.

  • All files required to play the game MUST be included in the download.  If the game does not run because of missing files, it will be disqualified.

  • Clockwork Tech LLC has the rights to distribute/promote/modify your digital works on all and any platform(s) and product(s) that are owned or controled by Clockwork Tech LLC.

  • We will examine the digital works. We will contact you if your works passed our examine. 

B. For article
  • Please ONLY upload original article or article that is with permission or license that allows us to publish it on our website. The uploader is responsible for all lawful results.

  • Clockwork Tech LLC may post your article on our website and other release channels (including but not only: SNS, press, etc.) .

  • We will censor your article before we post it. If your article includes racism/pornographic/terrorism or other improper/illegal content, it will not be posted. We may not inform you about the result.

C. Reward
  • The uploader of selected digital works/article may be rewarded by Clockwor Tech LLC. Please make sure that you've input the right contact.

  • The reward will be CPI points.

  • We may announce reward winners irregularly.


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